There’s no denying the benefits of a routine dental cleaning. Brighter and whiter teeth, a rejuvenated smile, and that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling are all wonderful advantages of keeping up with dental appointments. But did you know that you can actually extend the benefits of a dental cleaning? 

At American Dental Care of Newark, we want you to enjoy your oral cleaning long after you’ve left the dentist. Let’s examine what to expect from a dental cleaning at our Newark, NJ-area family dentistry and how you can extend its effects.


First, we’ll review your dental history, including the last time you visited the dentist and other information. Then we can evaluate the current state of your mouth and oral health.


After the examination, we can begin the cleaning process. The initial step is scaling, which uses specialized instruments to carefully scrape and remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth. This process utilizes an ultrasonic device which vibrates to take away plaque. Additionally, a hand instrument may be used for a more precise scraping.


During this process, we’ll use a soft rubber cup that spins on the end of a motorized device, along with a special paste, to gently polish your teeth. This will remove stains and impart a smooth and clean appearance to the teeth.


This mineral helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities and bacteria from forming. It’s typically a foam or rinse, and is put into plastic trays, which are placed into the mouth for several minutes. This extra protection is critical for your oral health.


What you do after your dental cleaning can be just as important as the cleaning itself. Not only should you refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking for 30 minutes following the procedure, you should continue with an appropriate dental care program to maintain the results of your teeth cleaning.

This includes brushing and flossing regularly, and eating a nutritious diet. Foods such as apples, yogurt, celery, almonds, and cheese are all ideal for providing nutrition and oral health. All this can help you extend the effects of your cleaning and let you enjoy a clean ad healthy out and smile.

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