Emergency Dental Care in Irvington, NJ

The pain from a toothache that won’t go away, or dental work that is coming loose shouldn’t keep you up all hours of the night. Maybe you are in pain after losing a tooth from playing a sport and need immediate dental attention? Our team here at American Dental Care of Newark is standing by and are prepared to handle any dental emergency, no matter the time or the day.

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With our convenient location, just near East Orange, Newark, and Irvington, NJ, patients are thrilled with the wide range of dental care services we offer. Our staff of highly trained dentists can perform everything from cosmetic dentistry, to restorative and emergency dental services. With 24-hour emergency dental care from our team, you always have the opportunity to relieve your pain and protect your health.

Maybe you’ve never been to American Dental Care of Newark before, or you just love our staff so much you can’t help but come back, we will always provide quality emergency dental services to any patient.

24-Hour Emergency Dental Surgery

Depending on the severity of the injury you suffered, you may need dental surgery right away. Luckily, if you are near Irvington, Newark, or East Orange, NJ, our experienced oral surgeon is prepared to perform any type of surgical dental procedure. While emergencies vary day-to-day, one of the most common surgeries our patients require is tooth extraction.

Another common procedure our oral surgeon performs is wisdom teeth removal surgery. This is usually needed when your wisdom tooth erupts out of the gum and causes severe pain. These are a couple signs that show you may need this procedure:

  • Discomfort while chewing
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Ache in your jaw
  • Bad taste that does not disappear

By scheduling X-rays with our staff, you can avoid the need for this type of emergency dental surgery. But if the pain becomes too much, we are just one phone call away.

Expert Root Canal Therapy

If you are suffering from pain caused by a swollen jaw, severe toothache, or irritated gums, there is a good possibility you have an abscessed tooth. This is caused when the soft pulp located inside the root canal of a tooth dies and becomes infected and inflamed.

At American Dental Care of Newark, our expert 24-hour dentists are able to offer root canal treatment that helps to alleviate pain symptoms and save your tooth. During this treatment, the canals are cleaned, shaped, and lastly filled. When the treatment is successful, during the next appointment you’ll receive a crown to restore your tooth.

Contact Us for Issues with Existing Dental Work

Our dentists also specialize in cosmetic dentistry services. We are able to bring back that beautiful smile for people who are suffering from

When a patient steps into American Dental Care of Newark, they can count on their visit being as stress-free and informative as possible. And when the need for emergency dental care services arises, you can always rely on our 24-hour dentists who are standing by to treat you and your family.

Don’t hesitate. Call us today at 973-453-9088!