Taking care of your oral health can be complicated; that’s why one of a dentist’s most important jobs is fielding questions from patients looking for guidance on how to best care for their teeth. In fact, one of the most common inquiries for dental care specialists concerns tooth replacement, as many patients ask whether dentures may or may not be the best choice for them.

While you should certainly consult with your American Dental Care of Newark oral healthcare specialist as you weigh your options, there are some general pros and cons that you can mull over as you make your decision.

There are many advantages to dentures. For instance:

  • When thinking about dentures, some patients imagine the dentures of the previous generation, which could be quite clunky and uncomfortable. However, porcelain and state-of-the-art plastics are used for today’s dentures, and contemporary dentures are natural-looking, comfortable, and are made from much tougher stuff than the dentures of 50 years ago (not to mention the wooden teeth of 200 years ago!).
  • Dentures often do not require surgery or cosmetic treatment and can be an excellent solution for patients looking for something less invasive than dental crowns or veneers.
  • Dentures are often less costly than other tooth-replacement options and can be a great choice for patients looking for something more cost-friendly.
  • Chronic, severe pain in one’s teeth can be unendurable for some patients. In such cases, dentures can be a welcome alternative worth exploring.
  • If someone is missing a significant number of teeth, it can impact one’s long-term oral health for the worse. When teeth are missing, the remaining adjacent teeth frequently begin to shift in towards the gap, causing improperly positioned teeth and subsequent problems with chewing.
  • Dentures can be a simple solution for patients who suffer from a large number of decayed or damaged teeth, and who consequently have difficulty with eating or speaking. Such patients may also be concerned with their physical appearance due to their teeth; dentures can be a solution to this problem as well.

However, in addition to these benefits, there also downsides to having dentures.

  • If wearing upper dentures, the upper palate (the roof of the mouth) will be covered by the dentures, which will hinder one’s ability to taste food.
  • Dentures will significantly reduce the force of one’s bite, compared with who someone still has their natural, healthy teeth.

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